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Stop allowing yourself to be taken in by people that don’t care what they say and how they say things to you.

Stop giving them the power over you to hurt you in any way!

Stop waiting for someone to come along and make YOU happy!

Stop waiting for someone to come along and complete YOU!!

YOU are the ONLY one that can do this for YOU!

YOU were put on this beautiful earth to CREATE YOUR LIFE!! Stop allowing people to create a miserable life for You!!

Stop allowing them to give YOU worth OR to place a price tag on their time with you!

There are others out there that will consider you their prize, their ONE, their everything and YOU must stop giving YOURSELF such a low self-worth. You are a beautiful being and they obviously aren’t the one that sees You as a valuable person in their life.

Why? You ask!? More than likely THEY don’t see themselves as a valuable being. They have their own self-worth issues, that it’s easier to make you feel unworthy so it makes them feel better about themselves. They continue to moan, whine, complain about their own life and their own issues and they are ALWAYS in their own way, with their OWN SELF PITY and EGO they can’t, won’t and refuse to rise above themselves. In some, they see their own faults and issues and then begin to use their ISSUES as EXCUSES of why they aren’t in a better place or a better person.

no one can walk for you

In both cases this is true. The one with the ego has to walk alone more often than not because they can not get out of their own way for anyone to help them. Even when they say they need help or enjoy you being there, more often than not… It’s just not true. These people seem to absolutely LOVE their life as it is because they’ve grown comfortable in their own misery. They end up having no one to answer to, no one to bother them, no one to deal with. In many cases even needing that companionship comes to wanting someone to come to them for 2-3 days and leave. This could be for many reasons.  Could be for sexual purposes even though they are more than comfortable and capable of taking care of this all on their own. Could be for companionship and even with that, it’s usually uncomfortable for whoever is around them. Even for just a few days, this person can make the strongest of beings feel sorry for the others mere existence in life. To look at the person and the life they blunder through it very sad. It’s a walk they walk daily merely existing in their life.  These types seem to always forget that we are not promised tomorrow.

believe in YOU

It’s time YOU believe in YOU! In YOUR Powers, In YOUR LIFE and in YOUR EXTREMELY AMAZING EXISTENCE.  We are NOT promised tomorrow and all too often we forget to go to bed feeling blessed and grateful and wake up with a purpose. Taking the steps to gain traction for that purpose each hour of the day.

If I wake up with the purpose of walking 5 miles today I will get up and walk around the house, walk outside, walk around my desk, walk the steps and not take the elevator. I will walk more than usual.

If I wake to do 100 push ups today I will do 10 when I wake, 10 after a shower, 10 after Breakfast, 10 on breaks by bed I’m on my last 10 push ups to equal 100.

If I wake to be happy I will be thinking of my life and how blessed I am to be alive, with a roof over my head and I will think of my children and grandchildren and how happy I am to be a part of their life. I will attract a beautiful feeling of joy and happiness into my life consciously knowing that I am blessed to have my health, home, family, and friends. Whatever I am happy for, whatever brings me joy, whatever I am grateful for THIS will bring me happiness. I will be grateful in the down times, for without them I would always take for granted the good.

There is no one…. NO ONE that can make YOU complete. A person can make you happy to be around, but again… this is a feeling… a choice. This is YOU choosing daily to be or not to BE a part of life and taking it and making it what YOU deem will be the best for YOU!!!

So NOW is the time to STOP giving others the power over YOUR LIFE and begin to make it YOURS!!! Always welcoming amazing positive, passionate people in that will help grow and evolve with YOUR PLANS, YOUR NEEDS, YOUR WANTS and YOUR DESIRES! Cast out the negative and welcome the joy, and happiness into YOUR BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BEING!!!


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